• ISPO Munich 2019

    15. February 2019

    In February 2019 we participated at ISPO Munich for the first time. It was a great opportunity to exhibit the lightest Tech/ Pin ski binding in the world.  The world premiere of GR 45 Vertical…

  • We invite you to the exhibition ISPO in MUNICH 2019 Feb 03 – 06 2019. You will find us in the hall B4 booth BN18.

    28. January 2019

    ISPO Brandnew Finalist 2019.

  • Grizzly test Jasná – Low Tatras

    7. January 2019

  • 2018


About us

This project has been created in the heart of Europe, in Slovakia – a small country with high and beautiful mountains. Its history has begun in 2000 thank to Joseph Gaborik, the project’s founder and promoter. His passion for mountains and skialp was big enough for him to decide to develop something new and original; something that make him easy to access the mountains in winter and more enjoy the beauty of snowed nature. It has inspired him to make his first skialp binding from reacheable materials. His presentation in skialp competitions of next years has motivated him in developing and production of the binding of better functionality and lower weight than up to date bindings already have. Eighteen years of development has brought a lot of functional prototypes tested in demanding conditions of Slovak mountains and of more skialp competitions.

In 2017 he joined his striving with his brother Peter and his friend Martin Spodniak and they have started to work together on the prototype production of an ultra light skialp binding. In 2018 they founded a project GRIZZLY.SKI with an ambition to reassert in the worldmarket. The skialp binding GR45 VERTICAL has been set up on developed revolutional platform of unique design and functionality.Its weight – only 45 grams – makes it the top among the weights of skialp Tech/Pin bindings. Its high toughness and easy controlling has made from it the unique bindig for vertical competitions. Compatibility with all Tech/Pin ski boots has opened to it the door not only for top competitors, but also for „heart“ competitors, who long for outdoing their limits, as much as for those who yearn for easier getting to spectacular winter views.

Who we are

Jozef Gáborík
Martin Spodniak


Kriváň 195, 962 04 Kriváň
+421 911 430 207