GR 45 vertical

  GR 45 vertical

New ULTRA light ski-fastening of a weight only 45 grams! It does not copy already applicated technologies, but it carries a radical innovation, that skialp world has never seen up to now!

Price: € 699.00 s DPH

Technical specifications

Weight: 45 grams!
Material: ALU 7075
Locking: manual
Compatibility: tech/pin
Size: uni
Colour: grizzlyblue
Category: Race (VERTICAL)


Grizzly FIX: This new technology, patented by us, provides the quickest and the easiest tightening and releasing of the ski boot in a tip of fastening by a special designed locking arm.

TPH system: Thanks to a unique construction and to a perfect exploitation of material attributes we have managed to create the lightest heelbase in the world; its weight for GR 45 model is only 13 grams. Easy handling and high functionality provide the most effective vertical output.

The COMPATIBILITY tech/pin – GR 45 VERTICAL is designed to be compatible with actual tech/pin ski boots.

Grizzly design: The new technology Grizzly FIX and TPH system have managed to create a matchless design and really nice tech/pin skialp fastening.

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